If you've decided to come to the southwest of the Dominican Republic, you've made the best election. Here you're going to discover the genuine Caribbean.You'll be captivated by its fascinating landscapes, where the jungle climbs up the mountains seeming to devore them, where the rivers are young and wild, where an oniric desert exists and where the light and the magic of the beaches will make you fall in love. You'll be captivated by the villages and towns, with their pulse frenetic and calm, languid and passionate, anarquic and kind at the same time. And you'll never forget the local people, so close, natural, cheerful and friendly.

Here you'll have all the time a sensation of authenticity, the things aren't made for tourists, here all is true. Luckily the mass tourism hasn't arrived yet to this region, by the moment it remains virgin, only discovered for a fortunate few. Welcome to paradise.

If your destination is Barahona, Lago Enriquillo, Bahía de las Aguilas or another place of this region, we propose you to stay some days with us, in Loro Tuerto Hotel in Barahona. You'll never regret. For a very affordable price you'll have all the charm of the Caribbean with an european management.

The Loro Tuerto hotel objective is to combine the integration in the environment, respecting the traditional antillian esthetic and the carachteristic Caribbean casual atmosphere with european quality standarts throught a rigorous management in matters of cleanliness, hygiene, comfort and quiet. Loro Tuerto is a casual hotel where you can find a cosy and relaxing space that you'll enjoy.

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